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Interior Decorating Ideas

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Wooden Sailboat

How about more beauty in your life! Well here are some unique interior decorating ideas using stained glass art. Whether it's in your home, cabin, business or office, you can enjoy the beauty of a well-designed and well-placed stained glass art hanging. Enhance any room that sunlight reaches with colorful and interesting stained glass. Like water views, you'll never tire of your stained glass art, it changes with the light and the weather. Contact me for a custom designed piece.

Bald Eagle

If you're interested in something for your establishment's common spaces, your dining room or lobby for example, consider the following propositions: To promote my work, display any item from my collection or a custom-designed piece free of charge for an agreed time frame. Or commission a specific art piece for your space. Check out the Classic Photo section below for more ideas.

Polar Bear     Butterfly


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Check Out Dennis' Idea

An Interior Door Insert

Floral Door Insert

Dennis added a sunroom to their Washington State home. What was an exterior door, became an interior door. One thing led to another and he contacted me. With his wife Cara, we developed the floral design you see here. After evaluating a variety of arrangements, we eventually used something Dennis found on the internet as a base. Then we modified it adding many more flowers, colors and textures. I think it's stunning!

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Gift Ideas

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Purple Butterfly     White Butterfly

Here are some examples of unique gift ideas of stained glass art for that special someone. These butterflies are gifts to my children and are equally beautiful. They are not only personalized with different colors, but initials as well. These stained glass window hangings are gifts that keep on giving.

Green Butterfly     Blue Butterfly

Pink Butterfly     Purple Butterfly

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One-of-a-kind Gift Ideas

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Lion Head     Soccer Ball

Here are some examples of one-of-a-kind gift ideas of stained glass art. These are gifts from Papa to my grandchildren. Since these kids are all one-of-a-kind, I've tried to create something that suits their interest or personality. I've completed four with eight more to go. Building memories ...

Cheerleader     Bumble Bee

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Unique Memorial Ideas

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Trinity with Roses     Sunset Memorial

I consider these gifts for the soul. A unique memorial idea with stained glass art is a great way to honor a loved one while enjoying the beauty of the art with the memory. Your pet can also be memorialized - I'll create it from your favorite photo. I've called this rose configuration here the 'Trinity.'

Yellow Lab

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Interior Design Ideas

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Shower Scene

These are not just beautiful bodies. They generate interest and conversation and are actually quite practical. Consider this unique interior design idea of stained glass art room dividers. These particular hangings, by virtue of their size, are designed to be hung from the ceiling and act as room dividers or as partitions for those private dining experiences.


Sun Bather


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Click on Photo to find it in the Gallery.


Nudes done artfully and tastefully are beautiful in every respect, especially in Stained Glass. Consider the already beautiful art examples below done in stained glass. The conversion from canvas to sunlit glass will knock your socks off! The items below don't exist in stained glass yet, but they will in the future. As I design and complete my stained glass version, I'll update these photos. Stay tuned!

Nude Female Torso

This Nude Female Torso done in an abstract style offers gorgeous colors along with elegant curves of female body. It's hard to improve on what the artist has done, but doing it in glass will! Transformed to glass.

Nude Silhouette

My vision for the Nude Silhouette is to add color and width to the outline and fill the remainder of the body with a variety of clear textured glasses.

Nude Body for Clear Glass

I'm considering building this beautiful sitting Nude Body with a variety of clear textured glasses. Her hair, stool, floor and background in color.

Nude In Rain

The Nude in the Rain will be a challenge. This beautiful figure must be done in natural colors. Trying to create the rain shower will be difficult.

Nude In Nature

I'll surround the Nude in Nature with a lot of colorful flowers being careful not to distract from the beautiful gardener in natural colors.

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Window Treatment Ideas

Click on Photo to find it in the Gallery.

Impatiens Flowers     Flowers Impatiens

Polar Bear Privacy Window

Unique window treatment ideas of stained glass art can be very satisfying. They offer interest, beauty, color or even privacy. The New Guinea Impatiens above are window inserts for my living room windows. These flowers offer a wide variety of color options to suit your decor. The Polar Bear Window insert above was a commissioned item designed for privacy.

Below are the same Impatiens as above, but framed as window hangings and hung in front of the window. I framed them for a stained glass art show and now they remain framed - hangings offer the portability that inserts don't.

New Guinea Impatiens     New Guinea Impatiens

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Classic Photos captured in Glass

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Click on the Drawings for a larger view.

Marilyn     Sailor/ Nurse Embrace

Here are what I consider Classic Photos, Pictures or Images. Some you're familar with, others may only be classics to me. Never the less, they'll be beautiful and interesting once there done in glass. The photos here are just a sample of the 'Classics' already in my gallery with others always on the drawing board! I thought these might pique your interest for a gallery tour.

Child Gazing

Stagecoach     Buffalo Nickel

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