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Welcome to My Art Gallery

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Garry's Glass - Sign
Sign 22 x 26

A well planned and crafted piece of stained glass can be very satifying to those of us who appreciate beauty, art and color. This Sign in my front yard includes a stained glass hanging I constructed to advertize my craft. All the stained glass pieces displayed on this web site use lead came rather than copper foil for their construction. The lighting for these photos was less than ideal, so they don't do real justice to the actual piece.

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Stained Glass Window/Door Inserts

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Left Panel - Impatiens Flowers
Impatiens 26 x 26

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I personally enjoy designing projects that consist of living things with their natural shapes and colors. These window inserts - above and below, built for my living room bow windows, blend together the beautiful colors that New Guinea Impatiens offer. Besides color, there is a variety of glass characteristics and textures to choose from when developing a design - transparent, translucent, opaque, etc. These inserts are attached with tabs screwed to the inside window frame. However there are other methods available depending on window style.

Right Panel - Impatiens Flowers
Impatiens 26 x 26

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Polar Bear
Polar Bear Window Insert 32 X 28

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The Polar Bear Window insert above and below is shown before and after installation respectively. This piece is unique in that it's all clear glasses of different textures. It functions as a privacy window, but allows for light. This insert was designed for and in calaboration with a great couple, Kris and Ron Ulbrich of White Bear Lake. I enjoyed building it for them and they loved the result as well. They said they'd be happy to show it off to any new prospective clients of mine. I might take them up on that!

Polar Bear
Polar Bear Window Insert 32 x 28

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Sample - Rose - Flowers
Roses 26 x 11

The sample insert above, the deep red Roses, are a striking contrast from the subdued and pastel colors of the impatiens below.

Sample - Impatiens - Flowers
Impatiens 11 x 26

Pineapples - Window Insert
Pineapple Window Insert 24 X 45

The Pineapple Window insert on the left is shown after installation. Again, it's all clear glasses of different textures including the beveled glass arched border. It does offer a some privacy, but more importantly offers beauty and interest to the space. This insert was designed for a North St. Paul couple and was meant to coexist with glass decor in their front and back doors. Nancy and Bob were very pleased with the finished product. I'm proud of it too!

Floral - Door Insert
Floral Door Insert 23 X 67

The Floral Door insert is shown before installation. Because of it's size, it was difficult to photograph in my studio. I'll be waiting for Dennis to install it in his sunroom and share a photo of this beautiful piece. It's crated and ready for shipping to Dennis and Cara - all the way to Sequim, Washington. I'm also hoping for some positive feedback. This was the largest commission I have taken on to date. It was a 3 month effort from conception to completion. Besides it's size, there are 550 glass pieces and 26 different glass colors and textures present.

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Abstract - Door Insert
Abstract Door Window Insert 6 X 20

This Abstract Door Window insert was designed by Rhea (a friend). I took her to my stained glass supplier to choose the glass. I put it together for her and David and they installed it in their front door. It was a fun experience and we were all happy with the outcome.

Abstract - Window Insert
Abstract Window Insert 47 X 22

Kari called with an issue. She had thought for years her Eyebrow Window had a stained glass insert in it. Well, it wasn't the real thing - just painted glass with fake lead lines from the factory -it was starting to peal away. Together we colaborated on a design, with bits from the old design and throwing in a moon scene in the middle. The color scheme tied in with the house inside and out. Kari was very happy with the outcome!

Polar Bear Family - Window Insert
Polar Bear Family - Window Insert 44 X 40

The Lake Animal Hospital in White Bear Lake, Minnesota asked if I could do a Polar Bear Family setting in stained glass for their new hospital lobby. Of course I said yes. It was to be a window insert behind the reception desk area and back lit with florescent ceiling lights in the office behind. Together we played around with the arrangement until everyone was happy. Their business logo already included polar bears so it was a good fit. The setting includes a night sky with northern lights. It's only been two days since the installation, so I've had no feedback yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a hit with everyone.

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Stained Glass Window Hangings

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Red Tailed Hawk
Hawk 22 x 26

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The window hangings, the Red Tailed Hawk and the Monarch Butterfly, are shown in painted wood frames. Both of these pieces have translucent hammered clear glass as the background. As you can see, there is a wide variety of texture and color used here to replicate or enhance the subjects. These pieces can be hung from the top window molding or from the ceiling.

Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly 26 x 26

Natural light is by far the best environment to display stained glass, but artificial light can also enhance the piece. You may get a different effect from an east vs west facing window or a south window in the Northern hemisphere.

Polar Bear
Polar Bear 26 x 26

Although the White Polar Bear window hanging above is not all that colorful, I think it's kind of cute. I live in the town of white Bear Lake where many residents have various versions of polar bears decorating their yards. So I thought why not a stained glass polar bear!

Just Like being in Key West - Blue Butterfly
Butterfly 26 x 26

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The Blue Butterfly window hanging above was commissioned by a great carpenter couple that were doing some work on our house. After seeing my work they were interested in a Christmas present for their daughter - thus the blue Butterfly. I attempted to find a glass color that matched a real blue butterfly - I think it came close.

Sunset Memorial
Lake Sunset Memorial 27 X 31

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Above is a Lake Sunset window hanging. This work was commisioned as a memorial to a co-worker of St. Mary's of the Lake Parish Life Center staff. I was given a few details to inspire the content - the parish logo (cross over a lake), that she was a very social person and that her favorite color was pink.

Pink Orchid - Flowers
Pink Orchid - Oval 14 X 22

The Pink Orchid oval window hanging above was photographed with a white background, because the weather wasn't cooperating.The colors chosen here are intended to give the work a soft and gentle feel. I think it works!

Curved shapes are generally quite pleasing to the eye and can even enhance the subject - in this case, the orchid. This oval hanging is built using quarter inch 'U' shaped copper came for the perimeter.

Purple Orchid - Flowers
Purple Orchid - Round 14 X 14

Orchids come in many beautiful shapes and colors. The Purple Orchid window hanging above is one version.

Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle 24 X 33

The Bald Eagle stained glass hanging above was inspired by some local factors. On my morning walk for coffee, I'll occasionally see a resident of our 'White Bear Lake' searching for prey. We also have a lake named 'Bald Eagle Lake' in the neighborhood.

Although the Bald Eagle is a majestic bird, the lack of color presents a challenge when capturing its image in stained glass. I introduced some grays and blues to enhance the beauty of this creature. Note that this morning he has found his prey and is going in for the kill.

Bald Eagle 2
Bald Eagle 2 24 X 33

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I reused my design for the Bald Eagle 2 above, but substituted a multi-colored amber glass for the body and wing tips instead of the black as on the eagle to the left. I like it!

Yellow Lab
Yellow Lab - Round 22 X 22

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I'm sure you'll agree that the Yellow Lab is a very popular dog for many reasons, but color would not be at the top of the list. In the stained glass portrait above, I've enhanced it by exagerating the markings with other natural colors and added a bright red collar. I'm quite happy with the result.

Black Lab Mix
Black Lab Mix - Round 22 X 22

My donation to the White Bear Lake Area Education Foundation, Fall Fund Raiser, silent auction, was the Yellow Lab above with an option of a custom portrait of their own dog. To my surprise, Julie, the winning bidder chose a custom stained glass portrait of her Black Lab Mix. Once again a color challenge. I chose to use grays and blues to give it some color then personalized it with Lilly's collar and tag. It looks especially good when the light is right.

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Your Dog Here!

Lion Head
Lion Head - Round 14 X 14

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The Lion Head window hanging above is a gift for grandchild number one of twelve. She played Nala in The Lion King production at a London West End Theater. I was excited to see the final product here because the colors were so striking. What do you think?

Personalized Soccer Ball
Soccer Ball - Round 14 X 14

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The Soccer Ball stained glass window hanging above is a gift for grandchild number two of twelve. He is quite an accomplished young English football player. (Of course in the UK and Europe, soccer is called football and American football is known as gridiron.) I've tweaked the Great Britian Lion "Team GB" 2012 Olympic football logo and superimposed it on a soccer ball. It turned out kind of cool I think.

Trinity with Roses
Trinity - Round 22 X 22

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The stained glass image of the Trinity above came to me in bits and pieces. I've done roses before, but I was interested in doing different colored roses together. One thought led to another and I'm hoping God is pleased with the result - I am!

Mermaid 18 X 26

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While living in Australia some years ago, I spent a few days at a caravan park in Mackay, Queensland. This town is on the South Pacific coast and adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. While scuba diving around the reef with an underwater camera I was startled by something breaking the surface of the water. To my shock and dismay, it appeared to be a mermaid surfacing for a bit of a look around and then disappeared back into the coral. I've tried to capture that Mermaid in stained glass. Her colors are not bright like the coral, but she certainly stands out in a crowd.

Wooden Sailboat
Wooden Sailboat 20 X 31

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Although I'm not a sailor myself, I can still appreaciate the peacefulness of a quiet sail and the beauty of nature. Here on the left is an old salt with his old Sailboat in stained glass. I think the various shades of amber work well for the wood, don't you?

Cheerleader - Round 14 X 14

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Above is a gift for grandchild number 3. Have you ever seen a Stained Glass Cheerleader? Well here's one out of uniform flying high on her Florida hometown beach displaying her gymnastic talents. Being multitalented, we expect she'll fly high in life as well.

Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee - Round 14 X 14

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Above is a stained glass Bumble Bee for grandchild number four. She is an artist in her own rite, so I think she'll appreciate the color scheme - yellow is her favorite. Since it's an insect, it can freak out the faint-of-heart - my wife included.

Wild Hare
Wild Hare - Round 22 X 22

The item above is an attempt to bring to life the black silhouette of the Wild Hare Bistro's logo - (Bemidji, Minnesota). I chose some wild colors that even a mother hare may not be able to love! Wild is the key word. This is a gift to the Wild Hare Bistro for exhibiting my stained glass art. I'm not sure the management can handle the colors either!

Scroll 17 X 20

I needed an "About the Artist" posting for my Bemidji Art Show, so I thought why not present it as a stained glass hanging. So above is a Scroll containing my info. I wanted to work the orange glass in because it goes so well with the amber - thus the quill-pen. Actually this arrangement could support most any type of posting - a menu for example.

Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf - Round 14 X 14

The Timber Wolf window hanging above is a gift for a grandson that's really into basketball. I've modified the local Timber Wolf's basketball team's logo a bit and put it in glass for him. For you locals, you'll notice that I've also taken some liberties with the colors.

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Girl Dancing
Let's Dance - Round 14 X 14

Above is a jump I captured in glass by and for grandchild number six of twelve. She is fast becoming an accomplished dancer - Let's Dance. Six more "Gifts from Papa" to go.

Polar Bear
Polar Bear 2 26 X 26

Above is the second version of this White Polar Bear. I've used clear water glass for the background rather than the hammered glass and a different blue for the ice. He's another proud bear! Version one sold at my Church's silent auction.

Lioness - Round 14 X 14

The Lion may be the king-of-the-jungle, but behind every King is a Queen that's just as beautiful. This Lioness window hanging is a gift for a good friend in Australia. The subject was from a Safari photo taken by his dad. Delivering this is good excuse for a trip to Sydney!

Round Polar Bear
Polar Bear 3 - Round 24 X 24

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Above is the third version of this White Polar Bear. This seems to be a popular item - not just in White Bear Lake! I modified my design for a round presentation - I think it works. The glass/color scheme is the same as version 2 except the dark facial features are dark/light amber rather than black. He's another proud member of the bear family! Version one sold at my Church's silent auction, version 2 at my Bemidji show and this guy may go to charity.

Another Wooden Sailboat
Sailboat 2 27 X 35

Here is Sailboat 2. It was decided that a subject like this would be of interest at the White Bear Lake Area Education Foundation October fund raiser being held at the White Bear Yacht Club. I wanted to capture the boat reflection in the water - not sure I got it right. Like real water, the glass changes with the light and time of day.

Lion Head 2
Lion Head 2 - Round 14 X 14

Matty, a California customer, wanted a replica of my original Lion Head created for a granddaughter. He shared his story about the passing of his mother, who was a Leo, and that he was giong to hang this Lion Head in his father's kitchen window to help his dad cope with his loss. I was touched. I built the clone and shipped it out - I hope it does the job.

Red Tail Hawk
Red Tail Hawk - Round 14 X 14

Allison, a Georgia customer, wanted to purchase my original Red Tailed Hawk, however it was a bit more than she wanted to spend. After some discussion I purposed a smaller design of the same subject which she loved. I changed some colors and textures from the original. It was to be a Birthday present for someone. I had a short deadline, but we made it! Here it is folks.

Ballerina 2
Ballerina 2 - Round 14 X 14

Ballerina 2 here is a "Gift from Papa" for grand child number seven of twelve. She is into fashion and somehow I arrived at this. I think the result is simple, but classy. Blue and pink are favorite colors.

Carousel Horse
Carousel Horse - Round 14 X 14

Grandchild number 8 wasn't too particular about the subject of her 'Gift from Papa', but wanted her favarite colors present. Thus the purple and yellow Carousel Horse. She was very happy with it as am I!

Music - Round 14 X 14

It took a little negotiation to finalize the subject for the 'Gift from Papa' for grandchild number 9. Eventually her mom mentioned that she would be resuming her music lessons soon. That sparked a design idea. This item is simply called Music and she loves it! I think it's kind of cool myself. I was so pleased with this design, that a built a larger version, 22 x 22, for St. Mary's 2018 Fall Festival Silent Auction.

Barrow Racing Cowgirl - 28 X 35

My son commissioned me to do a stained glass Barrow Racing Cowgirl for a friend. He had a photo, but we agreed on another I found on the internet. I did however modify the facial markings of the horse to personalize it a bit. Everyone was pleased with the result - including me. Once again I had difficulty getting quality photos, so I'll include one with natural background and one without. Artists have a tough time making money, especially when there's a family discount involved! I truly enjoy doing it though.

Barrow Racing Cowgirl - 28 X 35

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Pearl the one-eyed cat
Pear - the one eyed cat - Round 14 X 14

Here is Pearl - the one-eyed cat. She is the pet of my daughter's family in Australia. This is my stained glass 'Gift-from-Papa' to granddaughter Evie. Evie took a photo of Pearl lying under a stool which I worked from. She is grandchild number 10 of 12. Just two more "Gifts-from-Papa' to go!

Church Windows
East Windows - 21 X 27

These are the East Windows of St. Mary of the Lake church. I eliminated some of the detail, but I could still capture some of the beauty in a smaller version. I donated this to their annual Fall Festival Silent Auction.

Sydney Swans
Sydney Swans - Round 14 X 14

Here's an early version of the Sydney Swans Logo. They are an Aussie Rules Football Club previously from Melbourn. My young grandson in Sydney plays the game and they are his heros. This is Jools 'Gift-from-Papa'. He is grandchild 11 of 12 - only one more to go!

Winged Unicorn
Winged Unicorn - Round 14 X 14

This item is Adelyn's stained glass 'Gift from Papa'. She is the youngest and is grandchild number twelve (and the last). Since we see a lot of her, I consulted frequently about the subject and it consistantly became a Winged Unicorn in her favorite colors of course. I like the result and so does she!

Marys Dogs
Marys Dogs - 30 X 22

Mary contacted me about doing stained glass gifts for her two daughters for Christmas. After some discussion and emails, she visited my studio and I showed her what we could do - she expected to spend some money. We agreed to go forward and meet again when the designs were complete. Mary liked what she saw including the glass I suggested. Everybody was happy with the finished product. The Stained Glass 'Dogs' and 'Cat', above and below, were alive by Christmas.

Marys Cat
Marys Grey Cat - Round 22 X 22

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The Next Mystery Hanging here
No Clue!

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Stained Glass Butterfly Window Hangings

Click on any Photo for item Details.

These Butterfly window hangings below are a bit special to me. My wife convinced me to do a stained glass piece for each of our children. Since together we have six children, I decided to design this butterfly and vary the color scheme to create six versions of it. Each piece is personalized with their first and middle initial.

Purple Butterfly
Butterfly 26 x 26 - Jeffrey Allan's

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Purple Butterfly
Butterfly 26 x 26 - Jennifer Lynn's

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The purple butterflies above are the first two of six. I've started with the eldest child first and it turns out the first two both liked purple. Versions three and four will be a challenge to deliver, because these daughters live overseas. I'll keep posting the next version of the butterfly as they are completed.

White Butterfly
Butterfly 26 x 26 - Jeanine Ann's

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Pink Butterfly
Butterfly 26 x 26 - Joni Lynette's

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Both the White and Pink Butterflys are completed and packaged for shipping as baggage with my overseas daughters. They will take them back home tomorrow (London and Sydney respectively) after their Thankgiving visit.

Green Butterfly
Butterfly 26 x 26 - Jacinta Marie's

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Blue Butterfly
Butterfly 26 x 26 - Kristine Renae's

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Above are Butterflies number 5 and 6. Green is this daughter's favorite color, but not necessarily mine. However, this particular green is beautiful. Unfortunately the color almost appears aqua in the photo. Butterfly number 6 is the last for the children. As you see it is actually aqua blue with yellow flowers, but no initials.

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Stained Glass Classic Hangings

Click on any Photo for item Details.

There are some things that appeal to almost anyone. They stand the test of time and never go out of style. I'll attempt to capture what I consider "Classic Images, Pictures and Photos" in stained glass.

Classic - Child Gazing
Child Gazing 24 x 34

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The "Child Gazing" is the first for my classic category. She is gazing through a railing and full of wonder. She is dressed to the nines and in a classic pose. I may not do this image justice, but this is my best effort.

Classic Marilyn
Marilyn 24 X 34

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Here's "Marilyn" with her dress blowing - a blast from the past!

Classic Sailor Nurse
Sailor Nurse Embrace 21 X 34

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This "Sailor Nurse Embrace" reflects all the emotions raging as WWII comes to an end. This is but one example taking place in Time Square, New York City. It was great fun developing the color scheme from a black-and-white photo.

Classic Buffalo Nickel
Buffalo Nickel Round 22 X 22

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This is my version of the classic "Buffalo Nickel". It's the only coin that has "tails" on both sides! If you prefer the buffalo facing to the left, just flip it over! Once again I enjoyed choosing the colors and textures of the glass. I like the result.

Classic Elvis
Elvis 29 X 33

There's been rumors around for years that Elvis is truly alive. I haven't really bought into that, but I decided to make it a reality.

Classic Stagecoach
Stagecoach 30 X 32

The "Stagecoach" here was inspired while I was waiting in my dentist's office. There was a stagecoach painting on the wall I thought would look great in glass. I had to eliminate a lot of the detail, but I'm happy with the results.

Classic Lamp Post
Stagecoach 30 X 32

This "Lamp Post" is a result of a trip to London a few years ago to visit daughter Jeanine and her kids. As we were sight seeing in London, we walked along the Westminster Bridge. Jeanine snaped a photo for me of one of the beautiful lamp posts that lined the bridge. To our suprise, the photo contained the London Eye (a large Ferris Wheel) in the background. I could picture this lamp post done in stained glass - the London Eye was too much detail to include. Unfortunately, this was the scene of a terrorist attack a year or so ago. Not a lot of color, but classy!

Classic Golfer
Golfer Payne Stewart 20 X 30

Here's professional Golfer Payne Stewart. He usually wore the old traditional golf atire, nickers and all - a very colorful guy. Unfortunately he died young when his private plane lost pressure and all aboard fell into a deadly sleep. The plane crashed after running out of fuel.

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More Classic Hangings Coming Soon!
Clue - Transportation

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Stained Glass Land & City Scape Hangings

Click on any Photo for item Details.

I'm just venturing into a new category for me, "Landscapes & Cityscapes". I've never been convinced that stained glass could do justice to landscapes, but decided to give it a try. Strangely enough, my first attempt being "Niagara Falls in Autumn", exceeds my expectations. Now on to a cityscape.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls in Autumn 38 x 28

The photo I used to capture this view of "Niagara Falls" was taken from the US side I beleive with the Canadian horse shoe falls in the distance. Although it was in the Summer, I chose to substitute Autumn colors for effect! What do you think? These falls began to flow after our last ice age. From Lake Erie into Lake Ontario via the Niagara River.

Alba Italy
Alba Italy Street Scape 34 x 28

A ‘streetscape’ of an old Italian city. I’ve tried to capture the beautiful colors of this street’s buildings in this stained glass panel. What do you think?

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Stained Glass Women & Nude Hangings


Click on any Photo for item Details.

Shower Scene
Shower Scene 30 x 40

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These larger framed pieces I've designed are intended as ceiling hangings. They would be hung by chains from vaulted ceilings. Besides being art they can act as room dividers - for example to define a dining room from a living room. Currently I have three pieces all with the female human body as the subject. Although they may be a bit provocative for some, they do offer beauty and color and generate interest and conversation.

Ballerina 30 x 46

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The Shower Scene features a shaded and shadowed body with multiple textures and colors making up the background. The Ballerina features a brillant red dress and a multiple colored border.

Sun Bather
Sun Bather 46 x 35

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The Sun Bather features the tanned body on the wooden dock against the background of the bright sky and water. The umbrella and tote bag add some needed color. I think the bright red hair brings a vibrant contrast to the piece.

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Click on Glass Photo for item Details.

Nude Female Torso
Nude Female Torso 24 x 36

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On the left this Nude Female Torso was done by Chicago artist John Markese. It was very striking and with no room for improvement, I still wanted to give the stained glass dimenssion a try. I love it!

Nude Silhouette
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Inspirations for future Stained Glass Nudes

Nude Body for Clear Glass
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Inspirations for future Stained Glass Nudes

Nude In Rain
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Inspirations for future Stained Glass Nudes

Nude In Nature
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Inspirations for future Stained Glass Nudes

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Stained Glass Cabinet Door Inserts

Click on any Photo for item Details.

Cabinet Door Insert
Double (2) 10 x 20

I designed these Cabinet Door inserts to fit my family room built-ins. I incorporated lights inside the cabinets to display the glass. This design is a departure from living subjects and instead features geometrical rather than natural shapes.

Cabinet Door Insert
Single 9 x 20

Cupboard Door Insert
Single 10 x 9

Diane wanted stained glass inserts for her upper cupboard doors. She wanted it to tie into her current decor. Here is what I delivered - Left (above) Right (below)'. Wine, Grapes and Cheese!

Cupboard Door Insert
Single 10 x 9

Hutch Door Insert
Hutch Door 15 x 30

Tom built a gorgeous piece of furniture and for the final touch he wanted custom glass inserts for the four Hutch Doors. We incorporated some beveled glass that I suggested and he loved the idea. Tom claims that the glass doors are now the focal point of his piece! I like happy customers!

Hutch Door Insert

Tom began this furniture project 30 years ago after taking dimensions off an existing piece in a furniture showroom. Before he could complete it, he was distracted by his job which took him to Canada and other places. Since retiring, he was intent on finishing it (I think it's a promise to his wife as well as him self).

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