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Stained Glass Artist Photo

Some years ago, I took a Stained Glass course at a regional junior college for a little personal therapy. I did a few projects utilizing lead came construction and a chandelier using copper foil. I throughly enjoyed the experience. Shortly after that exercise I put a second story addition atop my garage and family room - half of the space was dedicated for a studio. Being fully employed at the time, I couldn't seem to get back into the stained glass mode. After retiring I had trouble acclimating to my new life. While struggling a couple more years, I rediscovered my interest in stained glass and its been a very satifying hobby ever since.

I've chosen to work exclusively with lead came construction rather than copper foil. Generally I use the small 1/8th inch sized lead, which allows for more detail and a finer finished look. The construction includes a zinc or copper channel perimeter. Square or rectangle pieces can be framed in wood for hanging purposes.

Round or oval shaped stained glass works are done by forming the zinc or copper perimeter channel's shape and size before construction begins. Hangers are built into the zinc or copper channel.

The stained glass design and construction is done in my home studio. My studio has vaulted ceilings and a lot of natural light, with windows facing east, south and west. Other than the custom pieces made for my home, the pieces on the web site are for sale. The truth is that I'm exhausting hanging space in the studio.

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Art Inventory and Details

Although I'll continue to build and add new items to this web site, I'm also interested in designing and building custom pieces for you. Subject, size, color and price can be discussed via email or phone. I can keep you abreast of a project using photos via email. Although the cost of glass can vary a lot, the primary factors determining the price of a finished piece is its size and the number of glass pieces it contains. You will notice below in the "Status' column those items that are for sale. The other items are either sold or are for display as examples of my work. The price column, in that case, is an approximate amount for a similar piece.

For commissioned pieces, the price column does not reflect additional costs for framing and installation. Likewise, I must pass on crating and shipping cost as required. In the continental US these cost are about $50 to $100 depending upon the size/weight of the item.

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Current / Coming Events

Garry's Glass is featured in April's 2015 GTN16 TV Northeast Journal Show

To view this Government Television Network production, here are the options:

Cable TV Channel 16 (Viewing Area - Northeast Ramsey & Washington Counties of Minnesota CDT)
Mon. 4:30AM, 3:30PM, Wed. 2:00AM, 10:30AM, 7:30PM, Fri. 5:00AM, 10:30AM, 7:30PM,
Sun. 12:30PM, 3:30PM.

View anytime Online - via You Tube on GNT's website.
Navigate - Local TV, Channel 16, Our Shows, Northeast Journal, View Archived Shows,
Northeast Journal - April 2015. Visit GNT website - top of page.

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Nightly Lighted Stained Glass Show - Garry's Front Porch - starting August 15, 2014.
No longer running now that I have relocated to Shoreview - April 2016.
Since tearing down my Bemidji Show I decided to display the art in my front porch, rather than hanging it back in the studio. If you're local, walk by and have a look - especially after dark. Or give me a call if you would like to come in for a closer look.

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Past Events

Stained Glass Art Show - Wild Hare Bistro, Bemidji, Minnesota - July 3 - 30, 2014.

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Artist Contact Information

The contact information below can be used to inquire about stained glass - the email address is my personal address. You can also click on "Email Me" at the top of the page which will generate an email to garry@garrysglass.com - my web email address.

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Name Return Price Status
Garry's Sign back $ 350 Sample
Impatiens left back $ 550 Sample
Impatiens right back $ 550 Sample
Polar Bear Window back $ 800 Comm.
Red Roses back $ 250 Donated
Pineapple Window back $ 700 Comm.
Floral Door back $3,000 Comm.
Door Window back $ 200 Comm.
Ribbon Window back $ 500 Sample
Eyebrow Window back $ 400 Comm.
Craftmans Window back $ 700 Comm.
Bear Family back $1400 Comm.
Impatiens back $ 250 Sample
Red Tail Hawk back $ 450 For Sale
Monarch Butterfly back $ 550 Sold
White Polar Bear back $ 450 Donated
Blue Butterfly 1 back $ 450 Comm.
Sunset Memorial back $ 550 Comm.
Purple Orchid back $ 200 Donated
Pink Orchid back $ 350 For Sale
Bald Eagle back $ 650 Donated
Bald Eagle 2 back $ 650 For Sale
Lion Head back $ 300 Gift
Yellow Lab back $ 475 For Sale
Black Lab Mix back $ 475 Donated
Soccer Ball back $ 300 Gift
Trinity back $ 525 Donated
Mermaid back $ 375 For Sale
Sailboat1 back $ 475 For Sale
Cheerleader back $ 275 Gift
Wild Hare back $ 425 Gift
Scroll back $ 250 For Sale
Polar Bear 2 back $ 450 Sold
Bumble Bee back $ 275 Gift
Lioness back $ 275 Gift
Timber Wolf back $ 250 Gift
Polar Bear 3 back $ 400 Donated
Let's Dance back $ 250 Gift
Sailboat 2 back $ 600 Donated
Lion Head 2 back $ 300 Comm.
Red Tail Hawk back $ 250 Comm.
Ballerina 2 back $ 225 Gift
Carousel Horse back $ 250 Gift
Music back $ 275 Gift
Cowgirl back $ 700 Comm.
Pearl back $ 250 Gift
East Window back $ 700 Donated
Unicorn back $ 275 Gift
Pouncer the Cat back $ 250 Comm.
Sydney Swans back $ 250 Gift
Marys Cat back $ 500 Comm.
Marys Dogs back $ 700 Comm.
Blue Heron back $ 600 For Sale
Blue Heron Pair back $ 700 For Sale
Multicolor Heron back $ 550 For Sale
Cardinal Pair back $ 800 Comm.
Purple Butterfly 1 back $ 550 Gift
Purple Butterfly 2 back $ 550 Gift
White Butterfly back $ 550 Gift
Pink Butterfly back $ 550 Gift
Green Butterfly back $ 550 Gift
Blue Butterfly 2 back $ 500 Gift
Child Gazing back $ 650 For Sale
Marilyn back $ 600 For Sale
Sailor Nurse back $ 650 For Sale
Buffalo Nickel back $ 425 Donated
Elvis back $ 650 Donated
Stagecoach back $ 850 For Sale
Lamp Post back $ 450 For Sale
Golfer Payne Stewart back $ 400 For Sale
Rainbow back $ 500 For Sale
Niagara Falls back $1100 For Sale
Alba Italy back $1300 For Sale
Mountain Scene back $1300 Comm.
Ballerina back $1000 For Sale
Shower Scene back $ 900 For Sale
Sun Bather back $1100 For Sale
Umbrella Lady back $450 For Sale
Ballerina 3 back $625 For Sale
Mother Daughter back $1150 For Sale
Nude Torso back $ 750 For Sale
Nude Silouette back $ 625 For Sale
Double Door back $ 500 Sample
Single Door back $ 250 Sample
Cupboard Door back $ 150 Comm.
Cupboard Door back $ 150 Comm.
Hutch Door back $ 200 Comm.
Nine Panel back $ 425 Comm.

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